Mamas for Mamas

Mamas for Mamas in an all-inclusive community of Mamas looking after each other. No money exchanges hands as kindness is their currency. This group is the peer to peer, community-based platform for Mamas.

If you need help directly from the non-profit arm of the organization, please contact 236-420-0075 or [email protected] or contact your local Mamas for Mamas Business Page. Their goal is to provide a safe, respectful place where Mamas can provide items and services to one another at no financial cost through donating, trading, and lending to reduce the financial strain of low-income parenting.

By operating without traditional currency exchanging hands, they give the opportunity to those in a better financial position to donate directly to a mama in need and see firsthand the impact of their generosity. For those mamas who would otherwise need to sell their used items, we encourage them to trade for what they need within the organization; this trade program has been a huge success and a relief for so many mamas with things to trade but no money to buy new things.

In October of 2022 amd again in October of 2023 I was able to donated to this cause through my Delivering Hope annual giveaway, and I find the organization and the Mama’s who run it so, dear to my heart.

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